An innovative workshop in your museum?

We offer to develop an augmented reality prototype in your museum. We can setup a participative design process with your team on a two-weeks period.

Just take a look at our previous achievements.

Interactive artwork: visual recognition of a Fernand Leger's painting, in which some characters come off the artwork when you click on them, telling us the reason why they're here.

Augmented book: visuel recognition of some ancient books, with the possibility to turn their pages in augmented reality.

Show what you can't expose: developed for an artist, the app allows the visitor to access some photos which aren't visible in the museum, through augmented reality.

Instant translation: here, the app allows to access the french translation of an ancient latin scripture just by pointing a smartphone on a Roman stone.


Our project

Meet you, museums, who want to experiment with new technologies such as augmented reality, visual recognition and indoor geolocalization.

And build apps with you, using these technologies: on your artworks, for your visitors.

Our approach

You welcome us in your museum for two weeks. During these, we'll going to work with your team on producing what they need to experiment. We'll also going to check if the product fit the expectations of your visitors.

Two guidelines: collaborative work and user experience.

Our skills

Mobile developments

Augmented reality consulting

Prototyping using augmented reality, visual recognition, indoor geolocalization

UX design

You can

Make your artworks interactives, and show some truly uniques features to your visitors. And enlight your masterpieces.

Prototype easily and low-cost tools of cultural mediation. The step just before the entire digitalization of your museum.


By the way, what is MuseoPic?

It's a mobile app who tend to disrupt the way we visit museums. This video will tell you more about us:

So, you're in?

Please contact us by clicking on the button just below. And feel free to tell about MuseoPic Tour around you :)

Amaury Belin & Jillian Boyer - Co-founders of MuseoPic